Poppy Done to Death–Charlaine Harris

Holy infidelity Batman! Chockerbock FULL of skankiness this book was extremely well plotted and enjoyable.

  Aurora’s sister in law gets murdered and lucky her, she finds her dead body. After that Aurora finds out that Poppy and her husband John David basically have a horrendous marriage where they are consistently cheating on each other and mistreating one another…John David is missing when Poppy’s body is found and it’s a great concern to everyone.

 The only one thinking he is the murderer is Aurora though and she sets out to find him. This book brought in a bunch of new characters that were all enjoyable and it brought back a few old ones, that of Auroras brother Phillip and Robin Crusoe.

This book had me deeply confused as to who the killer could be! There were so many wounded spouses and girlfriends/boyfriends and people who are just self righteous and think their way is the only way to live, it was just spectacularly complicated and had me guessing through the whole thing.

  I’m hoping she writes more because this character isn’t done and there has to be more to the story!!!

 And I’m off to ‘google’ it. It was a great couple of weeks reading these and I’m happily  moving on to the new Sookie Stackhouse book, also by Charlaine Harris.

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