End of the Week Roundup

This week marked the end of the Aurora Teagarden series I was reading. In a way I am thankful, but it ended on a weird note and I wish there was just one more so that I would know what happened to her.

     I assume that although Charlaine Harris has been writing about Sookie Stackhouse for awhile and has said she’s almost done with Sookie that she’ll go back to Aurora Teagarden and finish that up. One can only dream.

Lucky for me though she’s crazy and has ANOTHER series out, although it’s only three books from what I’ve seen I’ll be happy to read her Harper Conelly series in a few months. (Or years. Depending on how this summer reading goes.)

         Next week I’ll be moving on to ‘Dead Reckoning’, the newest Sookie book. It was pushed up the reading list (it was dead last because I have so many to read and I like to keep things in order of when I buy them.) at the request of my sisters, one who is reading the entire book series and the other who wants something to look forward to after she is done reading ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ by Steig Larson. (Another book series that’s coming in last on the reading list.)

     After that I have an Elvis book by his friend George Klein which is proving an interesting read already, then a Jude Deveraux, Unbearable Lightness, an Alfred Hitchcock book and a Hilary Duff book . Hopefully most of those will be on here for your reading pleasure. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have nine more books before the end of this book shelf! 🙂

       This weekend I think I’ll be not just reading about Elvis but watching some of his movies and listening to his music. I love this man.

What are you reading this weekend?

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