Sweet Liar–Jude Deveraux

This one is so dear to my heart you have no idea.

 Samantha’s father just died and as part of his will it says that she must live in New York for one year and find out where her long lost grandmother is. The apartment that she is to live in is part of a townhouse that Michael Taggert owns and that Sams father was going to live in with him before he was diagnosed.

 Turns out, Sam is kind of terrified of everything, especially Michael. She never got to properly grow up after her mother died when she was twelve and she was either taking care of her dad or her husband. Her husband divorced her when her father was dying.

 Michael is the complete opposite of both of these men and he’s trying to do what his friend asked of him which was to take care of Dave’s daughter and help her find where her grandmother is. (Her last remaining relative.)

  Oh God, it was amazing. Every bit of this was funny and heartwarming and I couldn’t get enough of it. I’m actually really depressed that it’s over and that I have a million more books to get through before I get to read another of her books.

     Great writing, AMAZING storyline and fantastic characters. She nailed it on the head with this one.

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