End of the Week Roundup

This past week I read stuff about vampires, fairies, Elvis and love. Not all the same book, but all pretty good reads. Take a look at the previous post for my summer book list, and feel free to take a gander back in time to the first half of that list. (Which I have written about the books in previous posts.)

    The rest of the weekend will likely be spent playing the new Sims and reading Stories for Late at Night. Which I started last night, and the first story already gave me the heebeejeebees so I stopped reading it. I will more likely be reading these at 9 am so I can sleep at night.

     Look for my review next week on Portia de Rossi’s “Unbearable Lightness” and hopefully Tuesday I will have a review for SFLAN.

What are you reading this weekend? What are you reading this summer?

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