Elixir–Hilary Duff

When I first heard Hilary Duff talk about her book, I thought ‘Oh hell. Here we go. Another celebrity thinking they can have everything and take from people who have genuine talent.’

And yes. I am bitter that people like Snooki and JWoww get book deals and I get polite letters that say ‘Thanks, but no thanks’. It’s enraging.

 Somehow though when Hilary Duff was talking about her book on some talk show I listened. And I was roped into buying it.

 I am so happy she convinced me to read her book! Unlike all the other celebrities out there she does NOT write about her life. It’s not a biography, it’s a real novel. She made these characters up, she had a little help yes, but she wrote an honest to God good story.

 She kind of threw me for a loop with the whole Elixir of Life and soul mates thing, was not expecting that. I thought she was writing about a photojournalist who falls in love, end of story. But she has some real talent and I pray that she comes out with another one about the same characters because it really didn’t feel like it was over.

 I really loved it and the characters and the plot, fingers crossed for a sequel.

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