End of the Week Roundup

All in all, I think I read some pretty disappointing books this week. With the exceptions of Unbearable Lightness and Elixir, which were both good and written fantastically.

       The London book and the Stories for Late at Night were tragic in that they were boring. Next week I’ll be talking about a little book called “The Moon is Down” by John Steinbeck, and a book that is surprising my already , “Jaws” by Peter Benchley.

   The debate is on though as to when I should start reading my beloved Harry Potter books in order to be ready for the movie. Beginning of July maybe? This will result in a week long hiatus as I’ve already reviewed these books and need at least four days where I can go and watch the movie over and over again until I’m all cried out. Haha.

         Also on my watch list for next week is Russell Brands second book, which I am so delighted to be getting to. And one I’m sure will be a good read but I’m really nervous about finishing, Truman Capotes “In Cold Blood”.

“Jaws” for the weekend should be interesting, I was going to skip it, but there was blood and guts within the first three pages so it sucked me in.

  What are you all reading this weekend?

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