Jaws–Peter Benchley

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t very interested in reading this book. I wanted to speed ahead and read the new Russell Brand book and skip what could only be thought of as a book about a fish.

        I’m glad I got over myself and gave this book a chance. Within the first four pages someone got eaten! And after that it was just like BAM BAM BAM! Dead bodies everywhere! (Yes, I’m grotesque.) And when there weren’t dead bodies there was a random love affair and then people chasing the damn shark and trying to kill it.

   It was amazing and I’m so happy that I gave it a fair shake. Who knew that a book about a shark could be so thrilling? Great plot, great writing, great characters.

   There was even a crazy guy with a boat and a dream of killing this behemoth. Those are always my favourite characters.

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