Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal–Russell Brand

Obviously this is his second book he’s written about his life, and I won’t lie, I liked the first one better. Probably because it was fresh and his stories seemed to have more of a purpose then.

   For awhile during this book he just sorts of goes off the deep end and rants and tells random stories that don’t seem to mesh together. (Which is kind of his style anyway, but the first book seemed to have made more sense to me.)

    I love Russell Brand, I’m a huge fan of his and I really enjoy reading about his life and he’s a terrific writer and funny as all hell. I would still recommend this book to anyone because it is funny and well written, he just goes a little bananas for the first bit and spends most of his time telling cute and funny stories about his loved ones.

   Some of this though was already in one of his comedy tours on DVD, which I have and think is hilarious, so I wasn’t really keen on reading it since I’ve already heard it before.

     Overall, it’s still a good book and I love him and his chuckle worthy dirty bird stories and about how he was always just on the quest for love. Which he found because she whipped a bottle at his head and called him a lazy tranny.

  Gotta love Katy Perry.

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