The Summoning–Kelley Armstrong

Told you I’d be back! And with a fiery vengeance! Kelley Armstrong is nailing it with this teen series about supernaturals who are in a group home for kids with mental problems.

    Chloe was just an average girl who once hit puberty hit it hard. After her first period the poor girl starts seeing ghosts all over the place and loses it at school. She was never the kind of kid who started fights or really was noticed at all. Until her life changes and she is sent to Lyle House where she can get the help she needs. It’s a group home for kids with social disorders and mental problems. But from what she can see of the residents there, they all seem pretty normal. Sure, one guy is a giant with a serious problem in being nice, and a girl there who thinks she is the queen bee thinks Chloe has it out for her from day one.

    But the rest? Nice, normal kids.

That is until they start believing that Chloe can really see the ghosts and she isn’t a schizophrenic like she’s been diagnosed. She learns that they all are nice kids, but they are definitely not normal.

        Now, we all know how much I adore supernatural books. I’m a huuuuge fantasy nerd. And these books, although aimed at teenagers, are now near and dear to my heart. The writing is, as always with Kelley Armstrong, fantastic. The plot is bananas and it makes me feel seventeen again.

    The Summoning is just the beginning in the trilogy and they just keep getting better and better. I’ll let you know tomorrow what happens in The Awakening.

Love it! 🙂

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