The Reckoning–Kelley Armstrong

In this last book with Chloe Saunders you find that the gang has made it to Simon and Derek’s dads friend, Andrew’s house after a few days of being on the run again from the Edison House people.

   They have managed to escape their grasp with Tori in tow, much to the chagrine of the boys, but she is proving to be quite useful. They’ve all found out that they are genetically modified supernatural kids in an experiment that was meant to help them harness their powers and get rid of all the negative side effects that they would come with. (Ie. Being a necromancer can sometimes…make you end up crazy.)

 The conclusion of the Darkest Powers trilogy is everything I wanted it to be and more. I absolutely adored this book.

 Albeit, this is clearly aimed at teenage girls a little bit but I thoroughly enjoyed all three books. I definitely recommend it to people who have read her other books. I loved these.

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