The Scarlet Letter–Nathaniel Hawthorne

This is not my summer when it comes to reading classics. I don’t know what it is! I think this book should be in my fall line up of books or something. I have too much sand in my head that I can’t deal with fancy words and crazy ways of speaking.

            I got about seventy pages in on this book, which was not in a succession, I think I was reading like four pages at a time, I had to stop! It all started going in one ear and out the other.

    I guess this just means the rest of the summer will have to be books that are simple on my brain, I need a rest from the hard books. Again, my brain is turning to mush, so I need a little breather.

 I think this book (for obvious reasons) will be good to read at some other point in time, I just can’t get through it right now.

      Next on my list is a graphic novel so that should be good for me. Go for something brilliantly written, but with pictures so I don’t get too crazy.

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