Harry Potter Hiatus

That’s right, I warned you this would be happening. I would say that I hate to do this, but I LOVE to read these books. So, since the last film is coming out, I will be taking a break from reading other books and reviewing them or…you know, bitching about books really.

    This lucky girl is heading on to read the seven books before the movie comes out and guaranteed it’ll be a tearful goodbye.

 I do not have a time frame where I will be back, but I assume after July 15th. (Still debating on whether to go see the last movie a few weeks later because I hate crying in public with rooms full of strangers.)

 Let me know what you are reading and if you want help picking out some books for you for the summer. Clearly some of mine haven’t been winners for me personally, but I think others are enjoying the books I’ve set them up with.

  Be back in a few weeks.

 Keep reading.

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