206 Bones–Kathy Reichs

     For a little while there I was dead set against Kathy Reichs and her books. I was upset that they weren’t like the show ‘Bones’ to which was made based on them. There is no Booth and Brennan lovefest or partnership and it was really making me angry for the first one of her books that I read.

     But, like every series I’ve read that they have turned into a movie or television show, I have managed to break apart from what I think it should be to appreciate what it is. And I’m glad I’ve gotten over that little hurdle, because this book was fantastic!

    Temperance Brennan is facing several different cases that have something in common that she just can’t figure out what it is. There’s a co-worker who is out to get her and a neighbour who has it out for her cat.

      Somehow she ends up underground and must find her way out and figure out who put her there in the first place. All while battling hypothermia and claustrophobia.

          This book was a great read, especially for summer, I really like it and I’m going to be getting more of her books in the future! I’m glad I gave her a second chance, and definitely suggest this book for others.

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