Epic Fail

Alright. So I’m a failure at life. Well, I guess a failure at reading and keeping track of where the hell my book went.

      I literally cannot find where ‘Interview with the Vampire’ went and I know I had it yesterday morning at least. I wasn’t too concerned because it generally shows up in the stack of things beside my bed or sitting by a chair somewhere in the house.

   But for some reason this book has decided to vanish without a trace. And I’m really only worried about where it is because it has my favourite bookmark in it from a special day that I had with some sisters and a friend.

That’s right. I’m talking about my postcard from the Harry Potter Exhibit that I went to last year. I’m a nerd like that and I loved it. This is the only consistent bookmark that I’ve had since…I think a Winnie the Pooh one when I was eleven.

      No offense to my brother, but I could really careless about where his book is. Lol.

AND it was just starting to get really interesting. Sooo, for now I will be ripping apart the house looking for it while reading a comic of Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’ since it’s short and sweet and won’t murder my consistency by starting a whole other book.

    If I manage to find this book expect a review on it next Tuesday and shortly after that a review on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Nasty Bits’ or ‘Medium Raw’. I’m not too sure which one is next, I think it’s Nasty Bits….

   Can you tell that I’m out of sorts lately?

Fingers crossed I find this book. Constant vigilance.

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