One Day–David Nicholls


This posting will have a major spoiler alert to the book and movie. If you want my opinion on it quick and dirty without the spoiler, here it is: It was good. Read it.

Spoilers commencing:

        I liked this book. I really did. But I was growing increasingly frustrated while they spent their lives with the wrong people and kept missing their opportunities to be with each other. I’m a girl who likes her happy endings, and this didn’t happen!!!

This man can write a beautiful book, I was even tricked into thinking it was a lady writing it for awhile even though I had read the author’s name and everything. It really is a beautiful story.

Now comes the spoiler. Are you ready for the horrendous news that had me throw the book across the room? The news that had me growling at the trailers to the movie? The news that you can probably already guess from my reaction???

She dies. They get together, and then a year later she is in an accident on her bike and DIES. DIES! Who does this?!!?! This made me so mad because I sensed that something was going to happen like two pages before that and then all of a sudden BAM! GONE!

I’m absolutely pissed at this book. Not the author, because he got the reactions he wanted, but the story that feels so real to me that it caused me to literally throw the book and snarl like I am a dog.

     So. Read this book. It’s a lovely story and it has a good ending (besides the fact that you know she dies) and great writing.

But it’ll piss you off.

2 thoughts on “One Day–David Nicholls

  1. I read this book about a month ago and I completely agree with you! It was so frustrating to see all of the missed opportunities. I understand that he really had to grow and change to become the person who could truly appreciate her, but come on… 20 years?!?!?!!? Then to have it end like that disgusted me. I couldn’t believe that they had finally come to the place where they should have been all along, just to have it end. I really, really, really wanted a happy ending for them! However, it really does make you realize that you have to live every moment, don’t be afraid to go after what you want, and never forget to tell your loved ones exactly how much they mean to you… you never know which day may be your (or their) last.

    1. Very true! Since I’ve finished this book I’ve been watching what I say to people when they leave the house, lol. I’m also trying to be nicer to the people I love, it made me realize I’m really negative, so I’m trying to positive-up my life!
      I’ll never forgive the author though for making me that mad. He’s right up there with Jodi Picoult and Cecelia Ahern for making me angry about their endings.

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