Breathless–Dean Koontz


      This book left me angry and confused. Which has been happening a lot lately….maybe I need a lobotomy. Oh well, the plot of this was really random. There were four or five situations that were happening while this ‘Thing’ was going on. Animals started acting weird and stuff like that. Then all of a sudden there were these creatures that looked like dogs, but had flat faces, reacted like humans, moved like both, were super soft. The entire book I was like ‘Okay, this is interesting…he’ll explain what they are at the end. He always does.’

  Well he didn’t! There was no name for them, they kept saying they were innocent creatures who know nothing about fear or anything like that. They are just pleasant all the time and wander around curious about everything. Creatures who are stemmed from evolution apparently. That’s at least what my butt head of a mother told me when I went in to talk to her about this annoying book after she was the one who told me to read it. She neglected to tell me what it was about and the jacket of the book left out so much that I had no idea I was reading Science Fiction until it was too late.


Normally I love Dean Koontz’s stuff! Helloooo ‘Odd Thomas’! But this left out so much and some of the stories just didn’t make any sense. Why did that guy from New York who had a twin in the country kill his twin? Oh…because he’s a psychopath? Stupid! There was no build up or anything. He just visited his brother and shot him in the barn!

    Don’t read this book. It was useless.

2 thoughts on “Breathless–Dean Koontz

    1. Very true! Eventually I skimmed through ‘Your Heart Belongs to Me’, it was very upsetting, I hate doing that with books! Especially authors that I respect and like.

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