New Updates!

It has been awhile since I’ve updated my lists on here. All of the ones on there are all the books that I actually enjoyed reading! I’m thinking of adding a new page that are the books that are on my ‘sh*t list’. Books that I will never return to, I will sell for a dollar, or generally just rolled my eyes at how bad they are.

    A title without a curse word would be helpful! So if you can think of one for me that would be great! 😀

Also, I’ve changed the lay out to spruce things up for autumn! It’s a little deranged, yes, but I’m digging the colourfulness of it all!

All feedback is welcome, let me know what you think of the new look, the new lists, and as always if you are looking for a personal book list, send me a message too!

Are there too many exclamation points in this particular post?! I THINK SO!!!!

   This week expect a full recovery with my writing about books to an every day thing. I have some back log of things to write about so be prepared! And since it’s almost fall I realize that people will be looking for some good books that are directed at teenagers and kids so there will be plenty of new postings on that, my current reads, and a tell-all tale about my end of the summer list for myself.

Keep calm and read on.

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