You May Have Noticed

     For all those people out there who are looking for Science Fiction books:

You may have noticed that I no longer have a list for the sci-fi genre. It use to be with the Fantasy one, but I decided (and I’m sure people who have read this blog would agree it’s time) that I kicked it off completely because the genre is not for me.

      Every time I’ve read one from that genre I hated it! So what would I put on the list? Nothing. That’s right. No-thing. Sure, I can give you some books that I think you would like from that genre because I can still spot good writing when I see it. But for now (since I’ve been known to go backsies on giving up on that genre completely…like 8 times.) I’ll say that it no longer has a place on my book shelves.

      So I say ‘Goodbye’ to that genre for at least the next 60 books. (That’s roughly how many I have left on my book shelf to get through! 🙂 )

            If you have a hankering for the books though, unlike myself, feel free to ask and I’ll be sure to direct your lust to something I think you might like. Also, if you have any that you think that I would really like, then go ahead and send it my way. I’ll at least check it out at the library before I fully commit to buying it.

                  Thank you, and see you tomorrow for a list of books for teens to read once school starts! (And no, they are not on a reading list for school.)

Constant vigilance.

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