End of the Week Roundup

It may not officially be fall but once September hits I think I can safely say that it starts to feel like autumn.

     I hope you’ve been enjoying the new look and updates to the site, as well as the lists for teens. Hopefully you can convince some of your kids or friends to read through the list and pick and choose. They are all really good books that are worth a read. BUT, if you are trying to convince someone who is not really a big reader, rarely picks up a book then I would suggest throwing ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins at them until they pick it up and try it. My friend who doesn’t read that much is devouring them just like everyone else I’ve met.

           Thankfully for me, I am a big reader and I’ve been enjoying (slowly though) a Jude Deveraux book these past few days. I haven’t been making it very far since I have had to work in the office this week, but it’s pretty decent. Not up there with all of her other ones I’ve read, but I think this one was written in the nineties. …So nothing is up to par from what it is now. Haha. 

       Just another update to the site:  I know that I’ve been crazy with my posting schedule. But I think I have it under wraps now. Postings will no longer be on Fridays. Gives me an extra day to read and pull myself together for the next week so I won’t be all over the place.

   That being said, this is the first End of the Week Roundup in a looooong time.

Let me just brag for a minute and tell you that I have officially finished my giant bookcase! That’s right! After months and months of reading I am down to one teeny tiny bookshelf….that has about 60 books on it, but still! *Cheers for self*

    I also managed to get a stack of books out of my house and to my friend after what feels like years of having these ready for him! *Cheers again* AND someone FINALLY ordered a book from the pile of crap reads that I have sitting around. GOODBYE ‘INTO THE WILD’. *Cheers really loudly while pumping fist*

          So this weekend I will be finishing up ‘Legend’ and hopefully starting ‘Catch 22’. Next week expect reviews on The Hunger Games (I’ve been mooning over these all week, but when I describe them and give a review you WILL become intrigued.) and ‘Medium Raw’ by Anthony Bourdain.

    Have a good weekend! What are you all reading?

Constant vigilance.

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