Mockingjay–Suzanne Collins

What can I say about this one since I barely had anything to say that was new yesterday?


I’m not sure if I’ve gotten my point across about how much I love these books and how I know that everyone else will love them too. I may be slow on the uptake since the first one came out in 2008, but still. These books are a force to be reckoned with. If you can even believe it this third, and last, installment of the books is even more nuts than the last one!!!

      Naturally, I can’t tell you what happens in this one because it’ll ruin the other two, but just trust me when I say that you have to read them, you’ll adore them. And even though they are for teens they are amazing and well written. Yes, they are easy reads, you’ll have them done before you know it and then you’ll be going through withdrawals almost immediately.

 My little sister read the ending of this one about eighteen times because she was going through serious withdrawals.

 *Continues to chant* Read it!

Constant vigilance.

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