Happy 200th Post! :)

Who knew I would stay interested this long? My usual bouts of A.D.D. barely stopped me from writing, which is probably a good thing.

       And since it’s the 200th post I thought that I would do something special. But nothing special came to mind. I thought about giving away some of my books instead of selling them, maybe having some sort of raffle or something cool and exciting.

   Instead, I thought that I would plug my own book that I’m writing since I have no inkling of picking up another book this week or next. Reading has started to feel like work and I want to be able to enjoy it at my leisure.

   SO, while I’m waiting for the fun to come back into my reading life I thought that it would be a good idea to start posting little chunks of my book every day so that you can mock and ridicule my book like I’ve been doing to others! (That’s sort of special right?)

     Next week, expect the first couple of pages of “Awkward: A ‘So’s Your Face’ Memoir” to be popping up!

Thanks for reading and sticking with me this long!

Constant vigilance! 😀

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