I’ve been gone for awhile now and only now write to see how everyone is doing with their reading. I’ve been having some trouble with mine, I’ve been stuck on book after book.

    Started with Chef Bourdain’s book ‘Medium Raw’ and has continued over five more books since August. (And I’ve read 7 since then.)

Even now, with one of my favourite writers and a good book I’m having problems concentrating. Maybe it’s because it’s craft season for me (ie. I’m knitting like a fiend and cross stitching until my hands look like a Dementors) or because I have no time anymore since I’ve got a job now. (Yes, it tragically has happened that I’m making money and actually enjoying filing at my parents plant just because every Friday is like Christmas with a check to deposit on my mind. Yay for me in that I’ve got my debt down to a lovely little number now that I can wrap my brain around instead of the heavy sum that it was before.)

        Normally, I suggest things to shake people out of their reading slumps, mostly they are books that pull you in and encase your life with love. And Rick Riordan usually does that to me, but for some reason I can’t get into his Kane series…maybe it’s because I’m not a thirteen year old boy or because I have no particular love of Egyptian history like I did for Greek and his Percy Jackson series…plus I may have a little crush on Logan Lerman, so that helped with keeping me going in those books.

       I’m going to go right ahead and blame The Hunger Games for being so good that it’s ruined books for me forever. They were what I was reading before the epidemic of boredom with other books.

    Any suggestions to bust me out of this?

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