Snow Snow Snow

I think I’m the only person who is thoroughly enjoying this snow. But I think that’s because I just moved my bed so that I can actually see out the window and it’s nice to read and be able to see the snow lightly drifting down.

   Tomorrow will be a whole other story when I have to take all of that off the truck and my winter jacket hasn’t come in from my recent bout of online shopping…so I’ll be a Freezie outside walking around in a fall jacket looking like a fool.

At least I had the foresight to get gloves last week.

           I’m happy to announce that (fingers crossed) I’m officially out of my reading rut. AND it’s made my sweet bunny Doomsday (yes, I have a rabbit named after a Superman villain) happier too! She gets to hop around my room while I read, it’s just like old times in our old apartment.

          Sorry, I’m getting crazy nostalgic lately, I’m turning 25 soon so I’m going through a quarter life crisis…stupid introspection.

Anyway, I’ve managed to finish The Red Pyramid (see last post for review) and I’ve finished The Throne of Fire as well, there will be a review later this week on that one. I’m also happily re-reading ‘Holly’ right now and it’s cracking me up left and right, I forgot JUST how funny romance novels are to me.

   I’ll be laughing for the next couple of days over this, what are you all reading?

Constant vigilance.

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