Kindle Dilemma

           My dad bought me a Kindle for Christmas. I adore it, I love it so much I’ve been trying to figure out a name for it.

My problem is that now I don’t want to read regular books! I want to continue to read classics on my Kindle for free…some of my books are really heavy! I don’t want to hold them up. …I’ve become one of those people I use to glare at like they weren’t true reading fans.

      So…I’m simultaneously trying to fulfill both sides of my being, the old fashioned girl mixed with the modern girl, by reading two books at once. One book is a part of my friends soul, ‘Fall on your Knees’ by Canadian writer Ann-Marie MacDonald. And the other…the Kindle caller is ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.

         Boring problem right?

Lucky for me, I’m going on a trip to Scotland in four months, so I don’t have to trek a suitcase full of books with me now! Unfortunately, it still disrupts my book list. And I enjoy packing my books…what I don’t like is having to worry that I’ll lose one or can’t carry one home because it’s too heavy.

   Why am I telling you this right now? Because I’m sitting on my bed trying to figure out which one I want to read before I fall asleep.

Solidarity with the Canadian writer? Or Pirates?!

How can I choose?

…I’ll go with the friends soul.

I may also call it “Ken’. (Ken Doll…Kindle…get it? baha…I need sleep.)

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