Treasure Island–Robert Louis Stevenson

Hell-o. One word: Pirates.

It would not make any sense whatsoever for me to dislike this book. I’ve managed to convince myself that I AM a pirate. This book took that love to a whole other level. The whole time I was using insults and phrases from the book on a daily basis.

This was my first book read on a Kindle, and I have to admit, it wasn’t that bad. Light to carry and easy to use…but by the end of the book I was itching for a real book.

This book is a classic for sure, everyone has seen some sort of version of this in the movies and it was impossible for me to dislike it. Probably because I was using the Muppets Treasure Island as a reference to what the characters looked like in my head…Crazypants I know. I should’ve respected the writer and not pictured Kermit the frog as the captain. It threw me off a little…

Don’t look at me like that! Tim Curry as Long John Silver was fantastic.

Ah shut up and read this book.

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