The Son Of Neptune–Rick Riordan

As you know, I was really excited to continue on with this series. This one was everything the other one promised, thrilling, fun and most of all, a perfect second novel in the series. Rick Riordan does a great lead up to the implied third book and I can’t wait until it comes out.

In this one, we follow Percy Jackson, who, like Jason, has lost his memory. All his memories but the face of his girlfriend Annabeth. The only thing he knows is that he doesn’t belong in the Roman camp and that he needs to get back to her.

I really enjoy his fun telling of this story and I was glad to have Percy Jackson back in my life. He’s a wonderful character and really funny.

There hasn’t been one Rick Riordan book that I’ve been disappointed in because he does such a good job telling a story with the added bonus of history and modern times mixed together.

Can’t wait for the third.

Constant vigilance.

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