The Raider–Jude Deveraux

It’s just as ridiculous as it sounds. Ridiculously awesome!

You may think that I have no taste because I read so many romance novels and they are predictable by nature. But honestly, Judes are the only ones that I find aren’t that predictable (as long as you don’t read too many in a row). Sure they always end up together, but the circumstances are always crazy and amazing!

The Raider is a time period one based in the times of ships and horses being the main transportation around the world. (Ie. I don’t remember what the actual time frame is, but the girls wore big dresses all the time and it was a scandal if they showed some leg.)

The basis of this is, that a Montgomery (my favourite family to read about after The Weasleys) dresses up in a black outfit with a mask, in order to save his hometown from the greedy presence of his brother-in-law.

This is early Jude at her best (meaning, around the 80s) and I enjoyed every second of it.

It was a Kindle read since I was in Vancouver at the time, and it actually didn’t take away from my experience like I always think it will when I’m reading on my Kindle.

Next up Jude’s ‘The Princess’.

Constant vigilance.

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