The princess–Jude deveraux

I pretty much have a trillion Jude deveraux books both on my kindle and in paper backs. (I blame Nikki because she introduced me to her and put all the books on my kindle for me! Lol)

This book was on my trip back home from Vancouver and was a fairly easy read. At first I thought I was reading a time warp one where a princess from the middle ages appears in the forties so for awhile I was confused as to why she had not mentioned that but it was on the “dust jacket”.

Turns out I just can’t read. The jacket said nothing about that and it was just a princess who lives in a medieval village that has not come into “modern” times. (even though I cannot read I still managed to get the 1940s time frame right)

I liked this one based solely on the fact that the princess was a stubborn jerk and she still managed to get a boy to love her.

That says something about me, doesn’t it? Haha

Ah well, it was a good book and as always the adventures were good and very few cheesy bits.

Constant vigilance.

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