Oh hey…didn’t see you there.


I haven’t been updating this enough! To be fair, I was in Scotland for two weeks and I have a life now that’s not through my computer. Sort of.

Anyway! I’ll be back this week with all the books that I’ve been reading and getting things together. I promise! Especially since I’ve read a million books since the Summerhouse.

Or maybe that’s just what it feels like because A Game of Thrones felt like fourteen books in one. That’s right. I’ve started A Song of Ice and Fire series. It’s messing up my Good Reads quota but it’s so completely worth it I can’t even begin to tell you!

Coming up tomorrow will be my review/feelings on Grave Secret…I think. Did I finish up that Charlaine Harris series? Seriously. I need to read my own blog to figure out what’s going on! It’s been too long!

And I definitely under estimated the length of time it would take to read Game of Thrones. Weeks to read those four bad boys? Yeah. It took me roughly two weeks to get through the first one, if you don’t count the zero effort I put into reading it while I was in Scotland.

I’m only halfway through the second one and I’ve been reading it since I got back. A week ago. My brain hurts. But it’s a good hurt.

I need a dummy book after these ones, any suggestions?

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