Before I Go to Sleep–S.J. Watson

This book blew my mind in so many ways!

Okay, first, plot summary: A woman has amnesia and tries to figure her life out because when she falls asleep it erases everything from the previous day and any day since her accident. She can wake up being six years old or thirty five (she’s in her forties) and never knows what it will be like from day to day.

You would think that being a book about amnesia that it would get really repetitive and I would want to throw it out the window. Somehow this writer manages to write in such a way that it’s not repetitive to the reader and in such a lovely way that you can really feel what this woman is feeling.

Not only is he a great storyteller, but S.J. Watson is a man! I didn’t realize until I was halfway through the book and got curious as to whom this brilliant creature is! I was in complete shock that a man could write a book so eloquently and give voice to a female character that I’m still convinced that he must be a woman.

So, besides the writing, the characters and him being a guy, what was most impressive?

The ending!!! I didn’t see that coming at all! It was a total —I’m not even going to describe anything relating to it because I want you to be as bowled over as I was.

Read this book! It’s a top pick forever!

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