Devoted–Hilary Duff

Ah Hilary.

You just get teenagers, girl! This was a perfect read for the frame of mind I was in. You know, barely coherent and pretty well broken in the brain due to reading so many books in a row.

This happens every once in awhile. I get book brain freeze and I can’t absorb any information whatsoever.

Luckily for me, Ms. Duff wrote a delightful second novel that was just what my mushy brain needed. It was an easy read and since I already knew the characters from her last one I could actually grasp what was happening.

I still stand by saying that her books could easily be one fantastic book and there’s really no need to be a series, but I’m glad for it because this one was great.

Her endings keep surprising me, which you wouldn’t think that Hilary Duff would really surprise you since she’s always kind of been vanilla.



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