A Game of Thrones–George R.R. Martin

Holy. Crap.

As you may well remember, I am a huge nerd. I love Harry Potter to a sickening degree, I love LOTR to the point where if you asked me to wear elf ears I would without question. If you asked me if I would like to take archery lessons or to go horseback riding, yes, I WOULD pretend that I am Katniss, Legolas and Firenze. And probably yell ‘For the Shire!’ at some point.

So it should be of no surprise to anyone that I immediately fell in love with A Game of Thrones. And that I have a crush on Tyrion. And Khal Drogo. And that I want to have ridiculously long white blond hair and invest in a ton of vests once more. (Yes, I HAVE done this before.)

What’s this book about? Well. That’s a tough question. But I’ll try my hardest to summarize:

The Starks live in Winterfell, they are a big family and are use to the cold. The Baratheons rule the 7 Kingdoms and the Lannisters pretty much rule the Baratheons. Lannisters are rich and always pay their debts. Ned Stark is besties with Robert Baratheon and when King Roberts Hand dies he travels to ask Ned to be the new Hand of the King.

There’s love, loyalty, friendship, battles, deaths, pony rides, giant hot dudes with beards, tiny hot dudes with weird eyes, and piracy.

And a  *insert your favourite expletive here * ton of shock and awe.

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