A Clash of Kings—George R. R. Martin

My brain hurts. And rightly so since George is the kind of writer who enjoys messing with you, making up tons upon tons of characters (and you have to remember all their names and where they are from and what they are doing and if they are on the good side or the evil side. Otherwise known as Stark and Lannisters.) and somehow he manages to have a good plot in there and excellent writing so that you get so sucked into the book that you are halfway through it before you realize…

It’s just a lot of fighting and walking.

Everyone in this book is fighting for the right to be king and everyone is traveling and killing each other to do so.

Stuff like this always reminds me of that seen in Clerks 2 or 3 or whatever that movie was that had Rosario Dawson in it (it’s escaping me, my brain is tired, leave me alone.) where Randall describes all three LOTRs in three seconds.

This one was good and had it’s fair share of shock and awe and a lot more What in the Hell is happening and who is that?!

I’ve enlisted my brother into explaining to me what is going on, but he doesn’t seem up to answering the million text messages a day anymore.

This leaves me on my own, and thankfully, I’ve FINALLY finished reading this book so I’m going to be taking a little break before continuing on with the next three.

I need some love and comedy in my life. Instead of blood and guts. Who knew that could ever happen?

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