A Girl Walks into a Bar–Rachel Dratch

Rachel Dratch is one of my favourite Saturday Night Live ladies. Maybe because she played Harry Potter and it induced sidesplitting laughter from me. Or maybe because she’s just plain old hilarious no matter what she does.

I was a little worried that this book wasn’t going to be very good since compared to Tina Fey she is a minor player in the comedy world. And Tina’s book was good, but not overly funny (which, really, I should’ve expected since it was a biography and just because she’s a comedienne doesn’t mean her life is hilarious 24/7.) and I was worried that another SNL lady would bite the dust.

However, this book had me busting a gut and feeling like she was secretly taping the things that I say in my head when things happen around and to me.

Not only was the writing impeccable, but how she views the world and how she copes with things like not having a job or a boyfriend made her even more relatable to me.

This is definitely the funniest biography I’ve ever read and it made me love her more.


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