I Drink for A Reason–David Cross

You would recognize this author as Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. I’ve seen this book around my house a million times and considered picking it up every time I looked at it.

My sister loved it, but she moved and it was one of the ‘Left Behinds’ that haunted our house. (I actually think she wants it back, so at least it’ll have a home again instead of being a lost and lonely book on a shelf in my parents house.)

When I told her that I was reading it she was so excited and thinks that he’s my kind of person.

A stone cold weirdo with an affinity for being saucy and sarcastic.

She was right.

I really enjoyed this book. He was smart and funny and most to the point.

If you are looking for a book that is a complete and utter sass-attack (think Anthony Bourdain at his finest without many food references though.) then this book is for you.

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