Sookie Stackhouse Summer Lovin’.

In true nerd fashion I started reading Deadlocked like a squealing school girl I was so excited. A new Sookie book!?! Sign me up! Whoopideeweeeee!!! (Insert a visual of me racing down the street a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.)

I was already having a great summer drooling over the television show (which, let’s be honest is a little lacking this summer even though there were some touching moments and holy shit! Moments. I just started watching it for Alcide and Eric just to keep interested and man am I glad I did. Those boys worked it this summer and the ending was killer. Heh heh.)

Anyways, so I start Deadlocked and start thinking to myself…who the H.E.L.L. are all these people? I’m super confused (not surprising since I think George R.R. Martin has completely broken my brain. I don’t even remember what I do half the day anymore) and getting frustrated.

This is where I make the ultimate nerd decision: I have to re-read the entire series.

Y’all should know by now my love affair with Charlaine Harris runs deep and luxurious. Meaning this was no horrible and weary task for me.

I’m so happy that I spent this summer reading the books again because I got to enjoy my favourites and it was a fantastic refresher for things and people that aren’t in the show!

Although it got a little confusing every Sunday when I would watch Trueblood and be like Ehhh….waaaaiiit….what’s happening?

Separating the two was hard, but I pushed through.

I can’t even remotely believe how many characters I forgot about. Insanity.

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