Four to Score–Janet Evanovich

Poor old Steph. Blowing up cars, getting beat up, getting shot at. You know what? That’s nothing new for her even if she hates it.

In the fourth of this series Stephanie Plum, otherwise known as the Bombshell Bounty Hunter after one too many car bombings, apartment bombings…and well just regular old bombings, is now looking for a FTA that stole her ex-boyfriends car and flew the coop.

This time though: there are codes to break, scalpings and people losing appendages.

This is where my new favourite character, Sally Sweet, comes in. As you probably guessed from his name, Sally Sweet is a code breaking drag queen who is not gay and has no idea how to even apply make up properly.

I adore this book. Hilarious and exciting through and through.

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