Hot Six–Janet Evanovich

Who did our friend Stephanie choose after nearly getting hot and heavy with both Ranger and Joe Morelli?

Well, you find out in this book. Thank GOD! I was practically threw the fifth book across the room in order to get at this one!

Anyway, so Steph’s newest FTA is her friend Carol who would really like to die instead of going to jail. (Girl keeps trying to jump of bridges and shit! She’s insane!)

Stephanie somehow ends up with even more sidekicks in this besides Grandma Mazur, Lula and Sally. An incontinent dog named Bob shows up (really not surprising it’s got pooping issues when she’s feeding it bucket chicken.) and stays awhile.

The twist in this book?

Ranger is the current FTA that Stephanie has to find.

That dude is like the wind, she has no hope in finding him and doesn’t even WANT to find him and turn him in.

These books get better and better and I think I like this one the best just because of a crazy old man in it that cracks me up.

Not to mention she falls out of trees a lot in this one.

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