The Lovely Bones–Alice Sebold

Have you seen this movie? You probably didn’t like it solely based on the fact that it’s about a creeper who rapes and kills this poor girl Susie Salmon, right?

And unless you’re also a super creep, then I’m definitely right.

Well. The book was practically nothing like the movie other than the names and the event and the whole, she’s dead and talking from Heaven part. (Which I loved throughout the book.)

I was roughly 30 pages in before I decided that this would be a favourite among my bookshelf.

Amazingly well written, brilliant plot (and we all know how much I despise books with rape in them, so this was a huge leap. That part of the book was so well thought out that I was disgusted by it but not likely to have nightmares and instead focused more on the spirit of Susie. I would’ve been a hell of a lot more pissed and turned into a poltergeist.) and I loved each of the characters. Well, obviously except for Mr. Harvey.

Definitely put this on your To-Read list because it was fantastic and beautiful.

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