The Cold Moon–Jeffery Deaver

Jeffrey Deaver is another of my go-to authors. I look for his books on the shelves in every bookstore I’m in, I tend to spend a short amount of time reading his books because they compel me to read faster. Their plots are always intense and forward and I enjoy the heck out of being scared every once in awhile.

I don’t like being paranoid that someone is going to murder me in new and supremely creepy ways. Just stating a fact that most people would agree with.

Okay, all people should agree with.

This book is messed up.

It’s about a man murdering people (obviously) and his signature at all murder scenes is a clock. He calls himself the Watchmaker.

Creepy already right?

Well, this plot went everywhere I thought that it would (I’m a smartypants, see.) and then it immediately blew my mind out of the water. It kept unfolding new plots and secrets and it was all so meticulously done that in a way it was beautiful.

A definite good book that murder mystery people would love.

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