Jitterbug Perfume–Tom Robbins

Before I step into the creepy world of Ed Gein, I thought that I would sum up my love affair with Jitterbug Perfume.

This book was introduced to me via my piano teacher who basically spent a good ten minutes of our lesson telling me the plot instead of actually teaching me anything.

Those were the best spent ten minutes in there.

Not only do I just plain old love talking books with people (or in this case listening), but Jitterbug Perfume IS the epitome of great writing. I’ve been likening it to Ann-Marie MacDonalds ‘Fall on Your Knees’, which is a tragic story, but so beautifully written that it just changes your whole life.

This book (to me) is 10 times the book as ‘Fall on Your Knees’ and that’s saying something since that book is unbelievably wonderful.

The plot is about immortality and we follow people from ancient Bohemia to present day Paris and New Orleans where they are all searching for the perfect scent. The perfect perfume. (My piano teacher told me the plot more intricately and eloquently than that, but whatever, he talks to people all day and I avoid that like the plague.)

If there is any book that everyone should read it’s this book. This book has changed me.

It’s like I found a piece of my heart and now just realizing that it was missing.


2 thoughts on “Jitterbug Perfume–Tom Robbins

  1. Tom Robbins, I agree, is an amazingly talented author. I love all his novels, and Jitterbug Perfume is no exception. He’s such an inspiration to me and my writing, I’m thrilled you love him too!

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