The Rescue–Nicholas Sparks

Thank God for Nicolas Sparks. After reading that book on Ed Gein I needed some lighthearted love. I needed to scrub my brain with a romance. I needed to scrub my ever-loving SOUL with a romance. I read this IMMEDIATELY following Psycho. Like I literally tossed that book and grabbed this one like a security blanket.

Even so, I don’t think reading seventeen millions romances would get that book out of my head.

The Rescue is quite obviously about a rescue mission. Starts off with a car accident, then goes into how the mentally challenged son of a single mother wanders off from the car in a huge storm. Volunteer firefighters and the like are there and eventually the fire fighter who finds the boy falls in love with the mom.

Wham, bam, thank you Mr. Sparks for an impressively easy read which still was well written. It was exactly what I needed.

Although for the last half of the book I was wondering who was going to come to their untimely demise since that’s just how this guy rolls.

Gets you all into a love story and then kills off someone just because he can.

So rude.

But at least it was a lovely story.

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