As You Like It–William Shakespeare

Admittedly, I forgot about you guys this week. Everyone has been sick in the office and I’ve had a million things to do to get ready for Christmas! (Yeah, that’s already started.)

But even so, I finally remembered! Friday isn’t so bad right?


I’m not 100% that there was a real plot here.

I understood where this story was going, hidden identities and trysts in the woods.

What I do not understand is why this guy, I think it was Orlando, was letting some creeper guy talk to him like he was Rosaline (it was Rosaline in disguise). But, and I’m guessing he did know that it was her, that no man would talk all lovey dovey to some guy he just met about a girl he thinks he’s in love with from meeting once.

Maybe I’m getting cynical.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this. I just love Shakespeare in general and I always learn something new about the English language from him, for example:

This is the first work in history where the word ‘Holla’ is used as a greeting. That’s right. Shakespeare is the original gangster. Hahaha I love it.

I did enjoy this. How could you not?

What’s your favourite Shakespeare?

2 thoughts on “As You Like It–William Shakespeare

  1. Hmmm I LOVE Shakespeare! As someone who went to college to study theatre, how could I not?!? I suggest checking out The Two Noble Kinsmen and Measure For Measure, if you have never read them before. The Two Noble Kinsmen is a beautiful story. I played Emilia and loved every single minute of it… Well, except for the end… Nevermind, read it for yourself lol. Measure For Measure is about morals, brothels and unlawful sexual activity lol. I played Mariana and she is a very interesting character with an uncomfortable decision to make… I’m sure your reading list is filled for the next 5 years, but they are good reads and will be worth your while.

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