The Casual Vacancy–J.K. Rowling

*Insert fan girl screaming*

That’s all I have to say about this book.

Okay, not really. I had no idea what this book was about (I don’t follow politics, local or universal) so I just knew the name was The Casual Vacancy and for some reason I thought it was about a vacation. Maybe about a motel or something. (I’m that ignorant about the subject.)

When I found out it was about politics, admittedly, I was figuring I would be bored to tears.


My girl pulled through for me. This book is top of the top. It’s so wonderful! Naturally, it’s brilliantly written (how could it not be?) and the story was brutally surprising.

It’s set in a town called Pagford and starts with the death of their Parish Councillor, Barry Fairbrother, and the affect that this death has on the town. Whether it be personal matters, council matters, or his ghost wreaking havoc on the online forum.

A girl, Krystal Weedon, draws us in from ‘The Fields’. This girl goes through a lot in her life and she was my main focus while I was reading. She’s brash, nurturing, and doesn’t take anybody’s shit. I love her.

This book is amazing and not what I thought, and I love that. And it got real. Like really real. So real you’ll forget completely that this fabulous woman wrote Harry Potter. (It took me about 100 pages in to stop looking for Harry Potter hints and just enjoy the book. But I’m a freak that way.)

Definitely read this.

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