Monday Morning

After a weekend of trying to be handy and helpful (ie. Helping with Christmas-type things.) and failing because I’m a selfish person who likes her time alone and finds everything grating after doing it for more than a half hour in any store, I turned to reading as my solace.

If you have me on your Good Reads (or if you’ve been diligently counting as we’ve gone along here.) then you will know that I’m on my 75th book this year. (A nod to Charlaine Harris in particular for having so many interesting books for me to read.)

I thought that for my last book of the year, because I will inevitably get busier with the holidays and the sheer amount of family that I have, I would pick a big one and a classic. Also, a book that I borrowed from someone else so that before I move I can give it back so I’m not a thief.

This also led me to a surprise on my bookshelf: That I had already thought of this months ago when I was trying to reorganize things so that I was reading heavy books instead of the light ones for the move.

Thus bringing me to the mammoth: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.

Borrowed from my sister: check. Heavy as all hell: check. (838 pages.) Classic: Check.

This book is brutal! I generally love books like this, Jane Austen, sign me up! But what in the hell is Tolstoy doing to me?! The first thing I notice about this book is that the print is small and the names are big. AND everyone goes by 18 different names. AND they are all princes. AND he goes on and on about things like farming for 20 pages.

Needless to say this book is killing me. It gave me a migraine on Sunday and I slept for three hours.

I figure the only way to get through this book is to make goals. The goals are thus:

1) Read at least 100 pages a day. (I mean, I do have a job and whatnot, so this is becoming a little far-fetched, but I think I can make it to at least 60 pages on an off day.)

2) Try not to die while reading this book. Ie. Eat, drink, sleep.

3)Take breaks. (This might help with the migraine and my sanity.)

4)Visit the outside world. Yes this goes with the take breaks and trying not to die, but I need to get out of the house into fresh air or this book will kill me.

5)Start drinking heavily while reading it. My liver won’t thank me, but at least this book will be funny.

And THAT kids, is how I plan on reading the driest classic I’ve ever come across.

300 pages in and it’s already sent me on a rant. Yikes. 500 more to go.

Constant vigilance.

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Tolstoy is always kind of a slog, but he can be fun to read from the perspective of his weird coded religious/anarchist beliefs. Fun fact: His poor wife transcribed all of his novels for him by hand. If and when you do get through Anna Karenina (which I haven’t actually read, but I have read War & Peace, which…. was also not easy), maybe check out Eugene Onegin by Pushkin if you haven’t already. Pushkin lived basically a full generation before Tolstoy, but Onegin is a lot more fun. And shorter. AND in verse!

    • I’ll look into that for sure! Yeah, he’s kind of busting my ass right now. At first I thought “This seems like an easy read! Easier than Jane Austen for sure!” then I noticed the difference. Hers is written harder, but better plot and she doesn’t yammer on and on. I just need to get through it! Haha, luckily I thought this through and there’s a romance novel after this.

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