Anna Karenina Rant #2

I have a bone to pick with Tolstoy.

First (which I’ve already mentioned on Facebook) is that it took him 310 pages to tell me that Vronksy is a red head. That’s right. This guy that I thought was a player d-bag is amongst my favoured people. Not only does this re-peak my interest in the book, but it makes me see Vronksy in a different light. (I’m shallow like that.)

So, boo hoo he was a jerk to Kitty and he’s being a whore with Anna, what guy isn’t like that nowadays? Haha. He was just ahead of his time. Being a ginger changes so much.

Anyway, the second beef I have here is with Levin. I like Levin, he actually kind of reminds me of me if you take out all the farming stuff and throw in a bunch of Harry Potter and crafts instead. The problem I’m having with him (and myself actually) is that he has no balls. He proposes to Kitty, she turns him down because she has her fingers crossed that Vronsky will propose to her (clearly doesn’t) and when she turns him down he just leaves. THEN when he finds out that she isn’t engaged like a year later, he still won’t go and tell her how much he loves her even though he really didn’t do that in the first place!!! No. Balls.

And thirdly, my major beef… This name: Sviyazhsky. Kindly go fuck yourself Tolstoy.

Of course this shouldn’t be a major deal right? WRONG. This is the one character that Mr. Leo decides doesn’t NEED seventeen names, longer, shorter or otherwise. Do you really expect me to sit there sounding out Sviyazhksy right along Vassilchikov,Tverskoy, and Katavasov?! No. NO.


Needless to say I call this character “S”. I’ve also had to go to my old standby of reading the book out loud in a British accent. (Even though they are Russian, but speaking French, English AND the lovely German has been added to this. I love languages, but going overboard a little there Leo? I think so.)

Okay, That’s it. I think. For now. I’m only 340 odd pages in.

If you would like to follow my slow progress on Good Reads, check me out! Allison Abate, nerd with the hipster glasses that are actually real.

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