Positive People

Hey Book Lovers:

I’ve been bitching about Tolstoy all week, so I thought that I would put in some positive thoughts that I’ve had about the book over the last 24 hours. That’s right, there’s a little something that I’ve found I enjoy with Anna Karenina.

I know yesterday I gave him a bum wrap, I was mad at him, I wanted to kick him in the neck: I’m talking Levin, baby.

Konstantin, Levin, whatever you want to call him, my boy grew a pair. In the cutest way possible. (That sounds weird.) You all know that I have this thing where a good love story can save a book, well (Don’t be mad, but I’m talking The Alchemist here.), as it turns out it took four pages of this book to counteract all the griping I’ve done in the last few days.

Finally, FINALLY, someone stepped in and threw Kitty and Levin together (thank you, Stiva) and the two got to talking. I won’t ruin the how of the proposal in case you haven’t read this book that’s been out for a million years, but it was in a very sweet, book lover type of way.

Okay, I’ll ruin it because I’m so happy! Haha, they got to talking at dinner and then later they were writing to each other in short script. Y.D.K.W.I.T.A?

(You don’t know what I’m talking about?) That’s what I’m talking about.

Adorable and totally how I would proclaim my love for someone since I’m such a chicken.

Levin! Bringing the book to life!

Both Alexei’s need to step up their game because they are boring me. But yay! Favourite character got his act together.

I’m betting tomorrow that someone dies and everything is ruined though because I’m so excited about this.

Constant vigilance paid off.

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