Fifty Shades Darker–E.L. James

So Fifty Shades of Grey left us in a tailspin of emotion, a roller coaster ride of uncertainty, a hailstorm of wonder!

Haha, just kidding.

It left us thinking they weren’t going to be together. Well, obviously they get back together or there wouldn’t be two more books.

They need to “talk out” their problems because in the last book Christian gave Ana the ass kicking of a lifetime via a whip or a paddle…I forget. Might’ve been a riding crop. It was like four books ago for me, so that detail is lost.

Anyway, he spanked her with something and didn’t hold back, she wanted to know how dark things would get with him. She didn’t like it, freaked the hell out on him (even though he warned her) and ran away.

This book is based five days later where she’s debating whether she overreacted.

Dumb whore.

Not for her curiosity, I get that. I understand that she wanted to understand him better and just how deep his love of dominating people really goes.

What I do not understand is why she’s reconsidering her reaction and thoughts about breaking up with him when she was completely in the right. Nobody should want to hurt you in order to love you. It’s not how love works. (Even Christian admits that it’s not part of love, it’s a deep seeded feeling he has towards being neglected by his mother and wanting to dominate women. If the guy with the paddle is saying this isn’t love, then why does Ana continually think it is???)

If you want to know how love works please refer to a Jude Deveraux book or the greatest love encyclopedia ever written: All the Harry Potters.

So, of course, this stupid ass gets back together with him with the promise that they’ll talk out their issues with each other.

Instead they hump and proclaim their love for each other while not talking it out or making any real life situation type acts. This is all so fabricated that I can’t believe this happens to anyone ever.

And I hope to God it never does because if my friends or family are this stupid that they believe that to get someone to love you, you have to accept that they like to dominate and abuse women then they are completely off the charts!

Okay. I’m going a little crazy. This is a whole other rant.

Funnily enough, the writing was slightly more readable than the last one. The sex was getting so ridiculous that it was borderline boring and I ignored it whenever they started going at it.

So I read like four pages of this book.

It’s starting to make me angry that people like these books. I’m taking a break for a while before I finish the series. (Which never happens. Unless you count Game of Thrones, but that’s because it takes like 8 months to read one.)

I’ve gotten to the point where when I see these in Walmart or a bookstore I walk around picking up books I like better and covering Fifty Shades of Cray with the better book.

Haha. I’m terrible like that. (So don’t be surprised if you see Hunger Games and Harry Potters all over the stacks in the Guelph Walmart. That was me. You’re welcome.)

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