Eleven Minutes–Paulo Coehlo

Well. This book was bizarre.

Only because I also had no idea what this book was going to be about and it surprised me. I like not reading the back cover of a book from an author that I’ve read before and then being completely dumbfounded by what’s in the book.

This book was about a girl looking for adventure and willingly decided to become a prostitute in Sweden.

Yeah. I’m serious.

Paulo Coehlo wrote The Alchemist, which wasn’t one of my favourite books until I reached the end, but he’s a favourite of my sisters so I added this to my shelf when she moved and left it behind. (I have a thing about adopting discarded books.)

So I gave it a shot and I was pleasantly surprised.

It was beautifully written and not at all disgusting. There was one sex scene that was graphic, but it was well written so I wasn’t traumatized. And it was better than the so-called “erotica” in Fifty Shades. Just that one scene was better than the two books I’ve read.

Short read, made me think about a few things (he is a very sensitive soul and makes you dig deep into your heart.) and I really liked it.


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