New Year, New Books.

Happy New Year to everybody! Mine was great, thanks for asking, haha.

This year I’m filled with hope and fear of things to come. (I’m a giant chicken, we’ve talked about this, you know.) I’m moving next month to the wonderful city of Vancouver in hopes of becoming a major league ….something. Haha, I haven’t quite decided what, I just know that I’m moving out there to have more fun and a bigger life. Maybe find a job that I really like for a lot of money.  (A girl can dream.)

Anyway, the most consistent thing about my moving is my reading list. I finished off last year reading a lovely Jude Deveraux book (always nice to end the year on a positive note instead of the murderous Jeffrey Deaver book that I was reading.) and I’ve started this brand new year with another favourite author. (Rick Riordan. Judge me if you want for reading books technically deemed for children, but I still have the same mentality that I did at fourteen, so it doesn’t bug me. I was mature, just so you’re aware. Nothing like the Justin Bieber obsessed teeny-boppers going around these days. I was into The Moffatts and Hanson. And Linkin Park. I was all over the map.)

I managed to outstrip my GoodReads challenge of 75 books for 2012 to a whopping 80 books. (Yes, I do have a job that I am at for 8 hours a day and several hobbies besides reading. The good thing about my life at the moment is that I have no social life so I get to read as much as I want without being completely antisocial on purpose. All my friends live roughly 40 minutes away from me.)

This years challenge, since I soon won’t have a job for a little bit, is to read 85 books. I figured it’s not too off the mark since I usually spend 2-3 hours a night reading before bed. But who knows? Maybe this year I’ll actually do more on the weekends than knitting things for my friends I never see and watching movies with my little sister. (Not that any of that is a bad thing. But maybe I’ll get to be antisocial in a bar while boys tell me they think my glasses are cute while I look at them like they are scum buckets. I was going to say like they had three heads, but I would find that beyond fascinating and want to talk to them. Haha )

I hope your New Year was good and this year is filled with many a brilliant book! (Put down Fifty Shades for Christsake! That’s not making the reading list this year!)

What’s on your list?

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